The Project

Mattress bunny started out as light-hearted collaborative project— one to reuse a common material left in alleys and one to combine our art making process.  Using a rabbit as imagery, commonly used in Fabio’s work, and sculpture, more up Mueller’s alley, mattress bunny became a symbol of both disgust and delight.

Mattresses are objects we use everyday- we are born on them, live on them, make love on them, and eventually die on them.  They are used more than any other object in our lives, and yet, when they are discarded, they become foul and disgusting.  The loathed object is then transformed into a large and playful rabbit.  And a rabbit is always familiar and inviting.  It is a symbol of childhood, a talisman of fertility and kitsch icon.

Here’s a chronological list of all of the posts documenting mattress bunny

First Mattress Spotted

Skinning the First Mattress

Second (and Third)

It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Second time around

Things don’t always work out

“it puts the lotion on the skin, or it gets the hose again”

wandering body parts

a week later, and still no progress…

skin a mattress by moonlight, my dear?


Fun Day! It’s mattress bunny day!

big problems

The most depressing situtation

The end is near!


Finishing touch