So, after we were asked to build a hole at Paredon Blanco’s next show, NINE HOLES, we thought we had it all planned out. Until we saw this episode of the Three Stooges.

Our inspiration: Bedlam in Paradise

More specifically go to 6:23


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So two years have passed…

Since the last post. It’s been a while. Perfect LoversI understand that. And I will say that both of us are quite sorry for that.  You see, a lot has happened in the last few years. We moved crossed country from Chicago to Los Angeles. We became engaged, and last march we married. Jobs have changed, homes have been downsized, and life has become more complicated.

Neither of us has made work for two years. There have been quite a few obstacles put in our path. Hopefully we’ve learned how to avoid them. We were recently asked to do a project together for an alternative space in Los Angeles called Paredon Blanco. We are super excited to work together and to make something.

More information to follow… And I swear, this site is going to get a makeover.


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Some news (and a much needed update)

So, in the next few days we should be doing a major update on this website- we’ll get a gallery going of all of mattress bunny’s adventures and try to make it a bit easier to access the process of making mattress bunny.

mattress bunny is in Chicago, come and see him!

second stories postcardfront

second stories postacard

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Mattress Bunny is Going to Miami!

posted by: Lucia

Hey all- it’s been a while. I want to let you know that Mattress bunny is hopping down to Miami to enjoy some sun and some art fairs. It will be featured in Bridge: Wynwood under the Accomplice Projects.  I’ll post more info once I have it, but if you are in Miami from December 2-7th you should come and say hi to the bunny.


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posted by Robert:

Well, our little mattress bunny is currently enjoying a new view of the world after a fresh install within hopping distance from where it was created.  


Currently on display as part of the Milwaukee Art Walk, it is in the front window of what used to be the Grace’s Furniture building at 2618 N. Milwaukee Ave.  The organizer of the event, Lynn Stevens, writes a blog focusing on issues and points of interest around the Logan Square neighborhood.  From October 17th through November 2nd a number of storefronts on Milwaukee Ave. between Kedize and Kimball will be featuring work by artists from the neighborhood and artists whos work deals with Logan Square as a subject.


oh, oh, oh, I want that one!  Pleeeaaase!

oh, oh, oh, I want that one! Pleeeaaase!



what a view

What a view!


Enjoy Milwaukee Ave. this fall: walk, drive, or ride on by and be sure to say “hi” to mattress bunny!




Milwaukee Art Walk:  10/17/08 — 11/2/08

                                     Along Milwaukee Ave. between Kedzie and Kimball

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finishing touch

posted by: Robert

We will post some more images soon.  Until then, this what our completed bunny looks like:



Pretty handsome, right?



The ears definitely make it a rabbit. . .


but a bunny just isn’t a bunny without a poofy little tail.

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Posted by: Lucia


I know this is very, very, late. We have been crazed this week with cleaning up the poofs of mattresses around our apartment and making a peep bunnay for the silent auction for artXposium. We also thought maybe we shouldn’t give away what the mattress bunny looked like before people who went to the opening of artXposium saw it.  

Juste a note: Paul KIein mentioned mattress bunny in his Art Letter– thanks Paul!

So, there will be very few words- just a lot of images. This was a 5 hour process, as we were still figuring out where holes were going to be drilled and how things were going to line up. From now on it should go up with no problem and should take just about an hour to install. 


With no further interuptions, I give you… Mattress Bunny





we will be posting more images tomorrow of the opening and such. We are looking for another venue to show mattress bunny- so let us know if you have anything in mind. Otherwise, we will be installing mattress bunny in our back yard so those who want to can see it in all it’s alley glory.

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