Some news (and a much needed update)

So, in the next few days we should be doing a major update on this website- we’ll get a gallery going of all of mattress bunny’s adventures and try to make it a bit easier to access the process of making mattress bunny.

mattress bunny is in Chicago, come and see him!

second stories postcardfront

second stories postacard


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One response to “Some news (and a much needed update)

  1. this is the most amazing thing i have ever seen – i love the Mattress Bunny!
    being a little obsessed with abandoned mattresses myself to see what you have done is truly inspiring. where i live there seem to be a disproportionately high level of them (even for London with its high turnover of rented accommodation) and i try to record them photographically on a daily basis (and even have friends joining in now and managed to create a calendar this year with some choice pics, for silly christmas pressies).
    anyway – i don’t know whether your bunny is still travelling – but i’d love to see more photos…and would be thrilled to get him over the pond for an installation – tho i expect he might be busy at the moment with easter coming up (sorry, couldn’t resist!).
    all the best from over here in rainy London.

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