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Well, our little mattress bunny is currently enjoying a new view of the world after a fresh install within hopping distance from where it was created.  


Currently on display as part of the Milwaukee Art Walk, it is in the front window of what used to be the Grace’s Furniture building at 2618 N. Milwaukee Ave.  The organizer of the event, Lynn Stevens, writes a blog focusing on issues and points of interest around the Logan Square neighborhood.  From October 17th through November 2nd a number of storefronts on Milwaukee Ave. between Kedize and Kimball will be featuring work by artists from the neighborhood and artists whos work deals with Logan Square as a subject.


oh, oh, oh, I want that one!  Pleeeaaase!

oh, oh, oh, I want that one! Pleeeaaase!



what a view

What a view!


Enjoy Milwaukee Ave. this fall: walk, drive, or ride on by and be sure to say “hi” to mattress bunny!




Milwaukee Art Walk:  10/17/08 — 11/2/08

                                     Along Milwaukee Ave. between Kedzie and Kimball


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