The most depressing situation

Posted by: Lucia

It’s 2am, early Monday morning. We never made it to artXposium to install. We just couldn’t. The piping has been taking me forever- and then we stumbled upon the problem of putting the soft structures over the chipboard forms, upon other blunders. It’s just been one disappointment after another.


We figured it wasn’t worth driving out to West Chicago and trying to finish out there. Andy has work from 8-5 tomorrow and when he’s off we’re going to go to install. There will be a few things to get done while we’re there- but super minor (I hope) compared to what we’ve been doing today.


Anyway, I’ll be posting the few pictures we have taken tomorrow.. Seriously though, I’ve just been sewing- all of the pictures look the same. You can also see what we had to do to avoid the rain these past few days. This last part of the project has really been depressing. Andy is trying to get a few more things done before we go to bed, and he can’t find his spade bits. . .


Until then, think about how great it would be if there was a nine foot tall mattress bunny. A giant, fluffy, stinky bunny.

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