big problems

posted by: Lucia

so it’s after a mini dutch opening. . .


we had a HUGE fallback yesterday- the piping can’t be added with the sewing machine. It needs to be stitched on first by hand and then it can be gone over with the machine. I’m the one adding the piping by hand. We weren’t anticipating this fallback- a fall back of two days. 


We’re installing this tomorrow, and we aren’t done. I’m finished sewing for the night- my eyes can’t focus. Andy is working the body. He has work tomorrow from 8am-12pm and I have gallery hours from 11am-3pm. No matter what we are leaving by 3:30pm for artXposium.


Wish us luck- we need it.

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One response to “big problems

  1. Matt Hanner

    Go Go Go Go Go!!!!!
    G0od Luck mattress Bunny!!!!!

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