Things don’t always work out

Posted by Lucia

So, we were planning on working on cleaning and picking up more mattress yesterday night, but it didn’t work out. I was at ThreeWalls de-installing two shows and moving 2a into 2d, and by the time we were finished, we went out and treated ourselves to The Dark Night. We didn’t get home till about 2am.


This morning before Andy had to go to work, we had planned on working on the project. But it was raining, and we were so exhausted from the day before (Andy worked 7am-4pm and then came to help me at threewalls) that we slept until about noon.


So now, everything is super wet. I need to go to threewalls to finish moving, and Andy is at work till 10pm. Tomorrow we have the day reserved to work on the mattress bunny. It’s supposed to rain the rest of today, and tomorrow. I have no idea when or what or how we’re going to work on this. The next two weeks we have almost no time together to work on this- our work schedules are really opposite, and we have too much going on on the side.


This is starting to get a little stressful.

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One response to “Things don’t always work out

  1. matt hanner

    I will have a mattress for you guys soon…

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