It’s raining, it’s pouring…

Posted by Lucia:

Andy’s at work, and I’m home today. Riding back from ACE hardware, it started to sprinkle. The sky was completely dark, and I was hoping to get back in time, but it didn’t happen. Thunderstorms were forecasted for the day, and I had been so wrapped up in the fruit fly situation and the broken fridge I had forgotten to cover the mattress. Cutting into a wet, found mattress can’t be that pleasurable. 


Upon grabbing some plastic sheeting, and rushing out to the kitchen door, I encountered a squirrel on the deck.



That’s not garbage, it’s recycle-ables. What could he be looking for? Perhaps the last few drops of Fat Squirrel



rain, rain, go away...

rain, rain, go away...



After struggling with the plastic, a ledge on the ground, wobbly ikea chair, and a pumpkin vine,  I was able to cover the mattress.  Hopefully, they won’t get totally soaked. I don’t know when we’ll have an opportunity to cut into them now.



what could this possibly smell like?

what could this possibly smell like?

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